BTS’s Jimin Nicknamed “Jimonashi” After His New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Wardrobe Malfunction

He had what is the cutest wardrobe malfunction you’ll ever see.

On December 31, 2019, BTS showed up at Manhattan Times Square’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve event and charmed New York with the most exhilarating K-Pop experience of the decade.


During their performance of “Boy With Luv”, Jimin had a slight wardrobe malfunction — though it came to be too extremely UWU to be called a malfunction.

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As he hopped in to his part, his shiny blazer somehow ended up on his head!


When he realized what had happened, he made the best of it…


… before fixing it like a professional.


After the video went viral online, ARMYs are calling Jimin by his brand new nickname of “Jimonashi”…


… derived from the movie Spirited Away‘s character Kaonashi, also called “No-Face”, that looks like this:


Has this become ARMYs’ absolute favorite moment from the group’s New York adventure? Yes, and BTS’s too! Look at the members’ priceless reactions to Jimin the Jimonashi.


Watch the full performance here:

Source: THEQOO