ARMYs Believe BTS’s Jimin Stopped Aging In 2016 — Here’s The Proof

He gives “Young Forever” a whole new meaning.

It’s safe to say that BTS‘s Jimin doesn’t age, especially when looking at a timeline of him throughout the years. Specifically, ARMYs are convinced that his black hair gives him the same youthful visuals of 2016.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Jimin’s iconic “Fire” era look consisted of his black hair and ranged from totally cute…

…to lethal and sexy! However, as the years go by, ARMYs are starting to wonder if Jimin has ever aged beyond this point.

After his lighter hair for WINGS era and his iconic cotton candy look for You Never Walk Alone, Jimin revived his black hair in 2017 and made ARMYs nostalgic for 2016 Jimin.

However, in 2018, all BTS members dyed their hair black for Love Yourself: Tear, and once again, Jimin showed he hasn’t changed in the slightest!

Jimin continued to dye his hair black yearly and possess the same youthful visuals during 2019’s tour…

…while on stage during 2020

…and in 2021’s MUSTER “Sowoozoo!”

Every time Jimin returns to black hair, he proves his baby face is stronger than ever…

…and even reminded ARMYs of his old-school hairdo!

There’s just something special about Jimin’s handsome, dark-haired look that fans will never get over!

Source: Nate Pann