BTS’s Jimin Once Bled Through This Pair Of Pants … And He’s Still Using It To This Very Day

He patched it up!

In a moment that broke the hearts of many, BTS‘s Jimin once worked so hard on the stage that he ripped his pants at the knee, causing the patch of skin to bleed. Although this was during a concert held a year ago in Japan, it seems that Jimin is quite the frugal soul. Fans have discovered that he is still using the same pair of pants, up to this very day.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted that he was sporting these denim pants during his clip for a Samsung commercial. They could tell by the little hole in the knee, although he seems to have patched the pants up already.

| theqoo

The pants popped up once again in a photoshoot shared via Weverse.

It seems like Jimin really treasures this pair of pants in particular! Perhaps they’re extremely comfortable or perhaps they just serve as a reminder of his dedication to the stage. Catch BTS’s latest music video for “Life Goes On” below!

Source: theqoo