BTS’s Jimin Playfully Imitated V’s Cute Moment But It Became Something Totally Different

That escalated quickly…!

On the second “BigHit Episode” released by BigHit Entertainment, BTS‘s V was caught on camera being a big brother to his agency-mates TXT, offering them a different flavor of pretzels. When Jimin tried to copy V’s sweet gesture though, it turned into something completely different and now fans can’t stop laughing at this little moment!


As TXT members shared a bag of pretzels, V noticed and handed them another container of a different flavored ones. He mumbles, “Would you like to try this too?” and offers the container. TXT members gratefully take the pretzels and start chomping on those too.


Watching this, BTS’s Jimin wanted to tease V for being such a sweetheart to his hoobae TXT boys and decided to imitate V. Jimin immediately clings on to V’s shoulder and says, “Would you like to try this too?”



The way Jimin copied V, however, is leaving fans screaming now. Jimin is all sorts of cute, sexy, and flirty as he offers V his pretzels. From the way Jimin is holding the pretzel, to the facial expression he has on his face… Jimin was trying to imitate V, but he became a whole mood himself. Look how V responds with a chuckle because Jimin is being silly with him!


A close up of Jimin the Pretzel Fairy, because good things deserve to be seen in close up:


Later on, Jimin is seen devouring a pretzel stick himself. Even then, Jimin can’t control his overflowing sexiness and turns the moment into an extra AF pretzel commercial. And that is how it became even more evident that Jimin’s is made up entirely of sexy cells.


The full “BITHIT Episode” can be seen below: