BigHit Artists Being One Big Family In This Video Is Everything You Ever Wanted

It’s the whole fam bam on camera!

On a recent “BIGHIT Episode” video uploaded by BigHit Entertainment on its YouTube channel, all of the agency’s artists – BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun – can be seen interacting with each other in a stand-by room, sharing pretzels, and getting to know each other better. This short but cute video is now on replay for many fans who love all of BigHit’s artists!

We all remember when this happened – the family pic of BigHit Entertainment’s artists. The video took fans behind the scene of this day and showed how BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun all came together to take this picture!


In the beginning of the video, BTS’s Jungkook is seen waiting for his agency “sunbae (선배, industry senior)” and solo artist Lee Hyun. While he is not currently promoting any tracks, Lee Hyun decided to drop by the music show to support his “hoobae (후배, industry junior)” groups BTS and TXT!


Lee Hyun showed up at BTS’s stand-by room with hands full of pretzel snacks. As BigHit Entertainment’s oldest “hyung (형, older brother to a male)”, Lee Hyun wanted to bring goodies for his little ducklings. BTS’s J-Hope seems super happy to see both Lee Hyun and the snacks!

I was going to bring chicken, but I heard everyone ate already…

— Lee Hyun


Fans are falling in love with how close Lee Hyun and BTS members seem. Throughout the video, BTS members are seen constantly hugging Lee Hyun and showing him great affection. V looks like a big baby when he clings on to Lee Hyun…


And with the arrival of Lee Hyun and his pretzels, BigHit’s rookie boys TXT head over to BTS’s room too! Fans can’t get enough of how nervous-excited the TXT members look while walking over to their sunbae’s room.

We’re going to be okay. I’ll show them how charming I am!

— TXT’s Hueningkai


The video well captures BigHit boys’ unbreakable brotherhood. Lee Hyun is seen feeding the pretzels to Jungkook, while V feeds TXT. It’s a full circle of family love!


Check out how awkwardly proud Jungkook-hyung seems as TXT members munch on their pretzels (and how proud that makes all of us):


And with the full story behind the group picture, fans of BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun genuinely appreciate how BigHit’s artists are this close knit – like an actual family. BigHit Entertainment, as a place for the boys to call home, seems a happy and supportive place!


This is the second ever “BIGHIT Episode” to have been released, since 2013. The throwback is so real in this first episode – and seeing how much the artists and the agency itself grew and matured over the years is giving everyone major goosebumps. BigHit artists’ fans are hoping for many more years to come, as well as these adorable “whole family” episodes!


Watch the full version of the second BIGHIT episode here: