BTS’s Jimin Couldn’t Hide Who His Favorite TXT Member Is

Jimin didn’t have eyes for anyone else.

Both BTS and TXT represented Big Hit Entertainment by attending KBS‘s Gayo Daechukje, making it one of the few times the two groups were able to meet.


Because of that, Jimin didn’t waste any time seeking out the person he wanted to see most. He passed everyone just to get to Taehyun, immediately going in for a hug. That wasn’t the only thing he wanted from his dongsaeng.

He hadn’t come empty-handed. Jimin passed his microphone to Taehyun, gesturing toward the crowd like he’d wanted him to say a few words.

Taehyun was taken by surprise at the seemingly random request, his mouth slightly dropping open.

The look of fear in his eyes said it all. Since Jimin is the BTS member he’s closest to, courtesy of their group chat, he came through for his hyung.

Once he accepted the microphone and cutely said, “Merry Christmas,” Jimin got precisely what he’d wanted. The most heart-warming smile appeared on his face, seeing Taehyun take his lead.


Even though Jimin views every member of TXT as their kids, he can’t hide the fact that he has a favorite. See the moment he sought out Taehyun and caught him off guard here.