BTS’s Jimin Made This Lucky ARMY Feel Like A Queen

He created a magical moment at BTS’s fansign.

One lucky ARMY lived out a fairytale moment, thanks to BTS‘s real-life Prince Charming, Jimin.


Back in April, BTS held their Soundwave Fansign as part of their promotions for Map of the Soul: Persona. The members, dressed in “Boy With Luv” pinks, created many special memories with fans that day.


One fan, Monica Sahara, had an interaction with Jimin that was nothing short of magical. He wore a glittering, gold crown that she brought for him…


…then placed a matching one on her head. “You are a princess,” he said to her.


As if that wasn’t cute enough, Jimin also held her hand and gave her a heart-melting smile.


“King Jimin’s” crown suited him perfectly, and he seemed to enjoy looking even more regal than usual.


Check out the aptly named video, “MY DREAM CAME TRUE”, here…and try not to feel too jealous!