BTS’s Jimin Isn’t A Crybaby, But There Is One Thing That Will Always Trigger Him

And it gets him every time.

BTS‘s Jimin often gets teased by his fellow members and his fans for tearing up so easily on stage whenever he is on stage. But that’s because Jimin is true to his feelings and doesn’t mind showing them. And if there is one thing that will always turn him emotional AF, that is…


… his forever loyal ARMYs. Jimin has never been able to control his tears when it comes to seeing his fans in the audience being ever as loving and supportive. RM once described it as Jimin’s head being filled with only the thoughts of BTS and ARMY.

Jimin’s head is 99999% filled with the fans and BTS.

— RM


For Jimin, it has long been since ARMYs became the only thing that mattered in his job. He wears an ARMY necklace to remind him that his fans are one of the biggest reasons he is doing what he does.


This unbreakable, undeniable connection between Jimin and his fans inevitably triggers him to cry on stage whenever he sees them. ARMYs love him to the moon and back – and he knows, he cries.


Even while telling the fans that he loves them, Jimin gets super emotional. Sometimes, this love can be so extra – so intensely fulfilling and breathtaking – it makes Jimin simply break down on stage and sob.


For Jimin, being a member of BTS and being with the fans define life. On a wishing tree, Jimin wrote that his sole desire is to “be forever with his fans, his ARMYs”. This only proves that Jimin is truly all about his fans, like the fans are all about him!

“Go to the end of time with my fans, the ARMYs”


Perhaps it is not too weird then, that Jimin bursts into tears every time he sees something that is so dear to his heart…

Sometimes people ask me what I think I’ll be doing in 5 or 7 years. I honestly don’t know what I’ll be doing… But I want to be here. I want to be together with everyone, I want to be happy. I want to make a lot of good memories.

— Jimin


By now, ARMYs can’t argue that Jimin is actually the biggest softie in the universe. However, fans also know for a fact that Jimin’s tears aren’t sad tears – they are most definitely happy tears.


ARMYs love Jimin and all his feelings, and will always and forever accept him for the crybaby that he is indeed.

Source: Nate Pann