Jimin Burst Into Tears On Stage And Jungkook Stayed Right By His Side

This touching moment from BTS’s Rose Bowl show is making fans want to cry too.

Jimin broke down in tears at a recent show, but he didn’t go through that emotional moment alone, thanks to Jungkook.


On May 4 and 5, BTS held their first Speak Yourself concerts at the Rose Bowl stadium, in Los Angeles. There were many memorable moments, but BTS’s Day 2 ending stage is really making ARMYs teary.


As BTS were saying farewell to fans, Jimin shouted out his love and then started to cry.


Jungkook, who was already hugging Jimin with his entire body, held him even closer.


Jungkook went back and forth between comforting Jimin and shouting “I love you” to fans…


…before helping Jimin stand up…


…and escorting him to the lift, where the rest of their members were waiting.


This interaction is touching fans’ hearts, especially those who remember BTS’s 2018 London concert. Back then, Jimin comforted an injured Jungkook in a very similar way.


Like BTS’s music, this beautiful friendship is one of a kind and it will live on forever!