Jin Copied Jungkook On Stage…Now We Know Who The Real Maknae Is

BTS’s oldest member belongs in the maknae line.

BTS‘s oldest member, Jin, has proven that he belongs in the maknae line…again.


On May 4 and 5, BTS held their first Speak Yourself concerts at the Rose Bowl stadium, in Los Angeles. From Jungkook‘s gravity-defying flight to Jimin‘s magical entrance, there were plenty of spectacular moments at the show.


There were also many moments that made fans burst out laughing! One happened during “So What”. When Jungkook started bouncing around, living his best life…


…Jin jumped in and copied him!


Jin took this chaotic dance up a level, making Jungkook break out in the brightest smile you’ve ever seen.


The maknae line is supposed to be for BTS’s youngest members…but since when does Jin follow the rules?