No, BTS’s Jimin Did Not Propose To V In Bon Voyage 4, He Was Just Singing

“I want to live with my lovely Taehyung~”

In the latest episode of Bon Voyage 4, BTS went hiking up Mt. Cook and had their minds blown by the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand’s grand nature.


As the members marched on Hooker Valley Track, best friends Jimin and V shared a short moment…


… a moment which I-ARMYs have come to playfully dub “Jimin’s proposal to V”. In this moment, Jimin tells V (according to the subtitles) that he wants to live with V…


… for the rest of his life. I-ARMYs — especially the vmin stans — went wild for this most adorable, sudden burst of a love confession.


As sweet and romantic that is, K-ARMYs heard this a completely different way — with a lot of trumpets playing in the background. Jimin’s “proposal” actually comes from the nationally renowned song “With You (Nimgwa Hamkke)” by one of the most beloved Korean-trot-genre singer Nam Jin.

On those green meadows, I want to build a house as beautiful as a painting. There, I want to live with my lovely darling for the rest of my life.

— Nam Jin


Jimin had switched the lyrics from “darling” to “Taehyung”, but there is no question Jimin was singing this bop from 1972. With that said, it may make more sense for I-ARMYs as to why Jimin sounded “like a grandma”.


FYI, “With You” is actually all kinds of catchy — and when it was released, it throned Nam Jin as “Korea’s Elvis Presley”. It is now considered one of his greatest hits and one of the most popular “trot” songs in the country. Check out the reaction from the audience! Nam Jin was, and still is, definitely the OG K-Pop star among Korea’s older generations:


Bonus? BTS’s cover: