The Time BTS’s Jimin Posted On Their Fancafe While Drunk And Pretended It Didn’t Happen The Next Day

Protect the mochi.

BTS‘s Jimin is one of the most adorable human beings on the planet, but did you know that he used to post on the fancafe drunk? According to ARMY, both Jimin and Jin used to come to the official fancafe after a drink or two and post the most hilarious things.

An iconic moment was when Jimin posted 8 posts consecutively one fateful night. He wanted to express just how much he missed the fans, but due to his tipsy state, ended up making an incredible amount of typos.

| @jimvely_S2/Twitter

The killing point was when he woke up the next afternoon and realized what he had done. However, the sneaky mochi pretended nothing had happened at all and greeted the fans good afternoon rather sheepishly.

But all’s good because that was probably the cutest Jimin moment to date!