BTS’s Jimin Teased ARMYs With A Demo, Now They’re Begging For More

ARMY wants the full version, ASAP.

ARMYs are always hungry for new BTS music, so when Jimin gave them a sneak peek at his self-written demo track, they couldn’t get enough of it.


During Episode 6 of BTS’s travel-reality show Bon Voyage, Jimin decided to play his unfinished song while driving with Jungkook and Jin.


If this demo sounds familiar, it’s because Jimin supposedly based it off the original beat he had written for BTS’s hit song, “FAKE LOVE”.


Jimin revealed that his demo is a work in progress and, as such, it doesn’t have real lyrics yet. He sang made-up words over his beat, as placeholders for future lyrics.


Even so, that didn’t stop Jungkook from trying to sing along!


It hasn’t stopped fans from doing it either. ARMYs have already decided to add “Kajjafeeluv” to their vocabulary!


Soon after the episode aired, ARMYs started begging Big Hit Entertainment to release a full version of Jimin’s song…


They’re hoping to hear a complete version of it in the future.


To hear Jimin’s demo, check out the clip here.