Jimin Falls Out Of A Chair For The Millionth Time…And BTS’s Reaction Says It All

Chair: 1. Jimin: 0.

Like oil and water, Jimin and chairs just don’t mix!

Jimin’s rivalry with his four-legged nemesis began back in BTS‘s debut days…

…and it shows no sign of stopping.

In the past, Jimin’s members came to his rescue whenever he flopped to the ground, but that’s no longer the case. He has lost his balance so often that it’s become the norm!

On February 28, Ask Anything Chat released a new clip from BTS’s past Q&A. Toward the end of the video, Jimin laughed himself out of his seat…

…and his members barely reacted. They just watched it happen as Jin casually asked, “What are you doing now?” and Jimin smoothly recovered.

No matter how many times he falls, he gets right back up again!