BTS’s Jimin Had The Most UWU Reaction To Seeing MONSTA X Fans Outside The Broadcasting Station

Whose doesn’t matter, fans are fans!

In response to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Korea, the entertainment industry has taken its safety measure and cancelled all in-house viewings of K-Pop idols shooting their music program performances. Regardless, fans gathered outside the broadcasting studio in hopes of catching a glimpse of their biases — and this Monbebe who had been waiting for MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk did end up catching that glimpse indeed…

… of BTS‘s Jimin!

When Jimin spotted the group of fans outside the broadcasting station, he rolled down the window and greeted the fans.

While he was not aware these fans had been waiting for MONSTA X, it didn’t stop him from being a sweetheart.

I saw BTS!!!!! BTS’s Jimin thought Minhyuk’s fans were ARMYs and got excited.

— Twitter @lovemhmuch

MONSTA X fans also hyped up Jimin for being friendly — and when the video was tweeted, ARMYs thanked Monbebes for sharing yet another cute Jimin-moment.

Fortunately, this Monbebe was able to see her actual bias of MONSTA X’s Minhyuk as well:

No virus can really keep the idols and fans apart, so it seems!

Source: THEQOO


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