What Happens To BTS’s Jimin When He Is In A Great Mood? Well… His Personality Explodes

Beware of the level of pure UWU in this.

In the latest and the final episode of Bon Voyage Season 4, BTS members J-Hope, RM, and Jimin were spotted going on a bike riding adventure to a scenic park.


Really feeling the excellent weather and the company of his beloved hyungs, Jimin became completely excited and began bursting with uncontrollable aegyo.


Simply unable contain the happiness, Jimin aegyo-attacked J-Hope and RM — who seemed equally happy to see him having the time of his life!

He’s so full of aegyo right now.

— RM


In fact, Jimin’s playfulness elevated the hyungs‘ moods too. That, topped with the grandiose view at the park where they safely arrived, left the cycling trio feeling extremely blessed. And their bliss left the viewers feeling extremely blessed as well.


ARMYs are thrilled to learn that the right amount of sun, breeze, and wheels can unleash the most UWU kind of Jimin they have ever seen!

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