Nothing Can Come Between BTS’s Jimin And ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

Especially not you.

At the 34th Golden Disc Awards held January 4-5, 2020, K-Pop fans spotted the cutest interaction between BTS‘s Jimin and ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo. Here, Cha Eunwoo can be seen smiling at someone…


… that is his one and only Jimin-hyung! Jimin, who was excited to see Cha Eunwoo at GDA, ran straight into his dongsaeng‘s arms…


… and Cha Eunwoo hugged Jimin back with the brightest smile on his face!


Having seen this hug of the century, fans can’t decide if they want to be in Jimin’s or Cha Eunwoo’s in this case…


… or in between Jimin and Cha Eunwoo, for that matter.

  • “Jimin is usually shy though. So for him to go hug Cha Eunwoo like that, they must be pretty close. Lol.”
  • “Ha… I would like to be sandwiched in between the two, please? Lmao.”
  • “Why is this so romantic. Look how big the smile is and how tight the hug is… What about me, Eunwoo?”


These two have already boasted their total-UWU bromance at MBC‘s 2018 Gayo Daejejeon. Seeing from the frequency of such PDA from Jimin and Cha Eunwoo, K-Pop fans believe their friendship is as good as gold!

Source: Nate Pann