BTS’s Jimin Reveals How Immersed He Was During The “Most Beautiful Moment In Life” Era

Jimin did something when running on a treadmill during this time.

At 2021 FESTA, BTS‘s Jimin spoke about how immersed he was during the Most Beautiful Moment in Life era.

BTS’s Jimin during the Most Beautiful Moment in Life era

During this era, Jimin was into the concept to the point where he would constantly think to himself, “My beautiful youth!


After Jimin shared this, the members began laughing a bit and teased him. They even brought up an embarrassing moment from Jimin’s past when they said, “Who am I? I’m Park Youth!


Jimin continued and shared that when he was running on a treadmill, he would listen to their song “Run,” which was the title track for their album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2.


While the members initially teased Jimin a little, they shared that they too thought like this during this era.


Here’s the full video below!