BTS’s Jimin Was Convinced J-Hope Was A BigHit Staff Member When They First Met, Here’s What Happened

J-Hope was the first member Jimin met.

The first member that BTS‘s Jimin met was J-Hope, and in an episode of tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, Jimin shared what their first interaction was like.

BTS’s Jimin
BTS’s J-Hope

Jimin was the last member to join BTS, and J-Hope was the one who came to pick him up when he became a trainee.

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The rookie development department’s team leader at Big Hit Music (BTS’s agency) told J-Hope that a new trainee was coming, so J-Hope went to the bus station to meet him.

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When J-Hope met Jimin, he asked him, “Are you… Jimin-ssi (Mr. Jimin)?” Since J-Hope was so formal and polite, Jimin thought that he was a company staff member!

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After talking to each other for a bit, J-Hope told Jimin, “You seem to like dance, and I like to dance too, so I hope we could often communicate with each other.” This touched Jimin since he was a new trainee.

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However, Jimin was “shocked” since J-Hope didn’t communicate with him once for the next 6 months, most likely due to their busy trainee lives. After Jimin said this, everyone burst with laughter!

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While these two didn’t communicate for 6 months, they soon started interacting with each other more, and now they’re close like brothers!

Here’s the full video below!