J-Hope’s Hip Thrusts Are EXTREMELY Distracting, Just Ask BTS’s Jimin

He couldn’t concentrate.

Are you a king of concentration? The type of person who can stay focused in any circumstances? Well, we’ll see about that!


In Episode 144 of Run BTS!Suga exposed ARMY’s undying love for J-Hope‘s hip thrusts. Fans look forward to his sizzling dance moves when BTS performs the “Silver Spoon (Baepsae)” choreography.


(It should be mentioned that Jimin and Jungkook‘s hips are also in it to win it. They work very hard, thank you very much!)


Speaking of Jimin, he learned just how distracting J-Hope’s dancing can be! In the episode’s behind the scenes video, the members did everything they could to sabotage each other during a fill-in-the-blanks quiz.


To stop Jimin from writing down the right lyrics, BTS sang “DOPE” and made as much noise as possible. J-Hope took things one step further by getting out of his chair…

…and doing this! 

Jimin tried to concentrate, but he just couldn’t focus. He ended up writing the lyrics incorrectly.

“Seriously, though, you’re a great distraction,” he told J-Hope. “It’s effective.” 

Yes. Yes, it is.