BTS’s J-Hope Once Got Jimin A Secret Santa Gift That He Was Too Shy To Show On Camera

The members laughed when Jimin showed the gift.

The BTS members have hilarious personalities, and they were on display when Jimin received a “surprising” gift from J-Hope.

BTS’s Jimin

BTS’s J-Hope

BTS did a Secret Santa activity in a live broadcast where they got each other gifts that cost less than ₩10,000 KRW (about $8.96 USD).

When Jimin opened his gift, he immediately started laughing and asked if it was okay to show it on camera! This made the members curious about what the gift was.

Jimin once again asked if it was okay to show the gift, which made some members laugh, especially J-Hope.

Jimin then revealed that the gift was 3 pairs of underwear! After Jimin said this, everyone burst with laughter.

Jin got quite playful and hilariously told Jimin that he should “take a picture” to prove that he wore them, and Jimin jokingly “hit” him.

When Jimin showed one pair of underwear, it caused laughter because the color was similar to a pair of jeans.

Jimin then looked at the letter and knew from the handwriting that the gift was from J-Hope!

Jimin also said that the pairs of underwear were huge and that they looked like t-shirts! J-Hope then explained that he got them in a large size.

BTS always knows how to have a playful time!

Source: Naver Live