BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope Prove They’re The Most Chaotic Duo With Hilarious Game Strategies

Their techniques are questionable. 🤣

Besties J-Hope and Jimin of BTS are always on the same wavelength!

As roommates for many years, the two get along flawlessly…

…and J-Hope loves messing with his little bro more than anything!

That’s why during a recent game called “Game of Money,” the two showed off their perfect synergy.

In the game, players had to flick coins across a table to land in a target. When it was Jimin’s turn, J-Hope decided how to “help” him out in the best way possible — by slapping his butt!

I’ll give your butt some energy!

— J-Hope

Hilariously, Jimin didn’t oppose the funny gesture. As a matter of fact, he welcomed it for good luck!

Give [the energy] to me!

— Jimin

Jimin acted like he was a car getting started as he made “vroom” noises, leaving the members cracking up. However, when it was finally time to play…

…he totally dropped the ball! When the coin didn’t go anywhere near the target, all of the members couldn’t stop laughing.

Jimin may have not won the game that day, but his aegyo won the love of his hyungs — and what’s better than that? 💜

Source: Weverse