Jimmy Fallon Praises BTS Jimin’s New Song “Promise”

Jimmy tweeted out at his “brother”.

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has congratulated BTS’s Jimin on the release of his first self-composed track, “Promise”.


On December 31, BTS’ Jimin shared a post on Twitter announcing that the song he wrote has finally been released.

“Everyone, you’ve waited long!
My song has finally been revealed.
It’s a song for me but also a song for all of you.
It’s my first and it’s lacking but please listen to it a lot.
Thank you ARMYs for waiting.”

— Jimin


The song called “Promise” was composed and written by Jimin himself.


Shortly after “Promise” dropped, #JIMIN started trending at No. 1 worldwide on Twitter, and the song achieved 1 million streams in just over half an hour on SoundCloud.

BTS Jimin Wrote His Own Song, Fans Are Impressed


Not long after the song was released, Jimmy Fallon congratulated Jimin on it, calling himself, Jimin’s “brother”, Chimmy.


Jimmy Fallon first met Jimin when BTS appeared on his show in September. The pair’s adorable rapport, and bonding over their similar names (along with Jimmy Fallon’s BT21 Chimmy headband!) quickly became one of the episode’s highlights.


To see, or rather hear, what all the buzz is about, check out “Promise” here.

Source: Newsen