BTS’s Jimin Once Made A Promise About Jungkook’s Abs, And It Came True Years Later

Jimin was laughing and being playful when he said this!

BTS often fulfill their promises to ARMYs (BTS’s fandom), and Jimin once made a promise that came true years later!

BTS’s Jimin

In 2015, when BTS was backstage at Show Champion, Jimin got a little playful and said Jungkook was shirtless.

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Jimin didn’t show Jungkook on camera, but he and RM praised Jungkook for his abs!

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Jimin then turned the camera, but it was turned towards V.

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Jimin then laughingly said that if anyone wanted to see Jungkook’s abs, they should come to their concert in 3 years.

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In 2018, BTS released their song “Fake Love,” and there is a part in the choreography where Jungkook shows his abs!

BTS’s Jungkook performing “Fake Love”

BTS has performed “Fake Love” countless times, and there have been many moments where Jungkook has showed his abs, including at concerts!

Here’s the full video below!