5 Times BTS Fulfilled Promises To ARMY And Each Other

When they make promises, they keep them.

BTS‘s friendships between members and their relationship with ARMY are both built on trust. When the members make promises, they do their best to keep them. Here are 5 fulfilled promises BTS made to fans and to each other.


1. Fukuoka Dome

On Day 1 of BTS’s Speak Yourself in Fukuoka concert, Jimin shed tears while talking about the promise he made with V back when they were rookies.

“Long time ago, I used to go out for a walk with V, walking around and wondering…” he told the audience. “V, let’s go to Fukuoka Dome one day.” 


2. March 9, 2018

In 2014, at a fan signing event, Suga asked ARMY what they wanted to eat, and they said beef. He promised he would treat them to a meat party when he made money.

In 2015, Suga named March 9, 2018 as the date that he would fulfill his promise to ARMY. Three years later, Suga donated 10 kg (~22 lbs) of Korean Hanwoo beef and signed copies of BTS’ CDs to 39 orphanages in the name of ARMY.


3. Jimin’s message to V

In June 2018, Jimin wrote a celebratory message on the wall at M Countdown, but he didn’t have time to write V’s name. He felt sorry because if this, and promised V that he would write his name in large letters next time.

True to his word, added V’s name (twice!) when BTS performed again on M Countdown three months later.


4. J-Hope’s Twitter tradition

When BTS hit their first 1 million followers on Twitter, J-Hope tweeted a celebratory photo edit that launched a new tradition.


J-Hope kept this tradition going until BTS reached 9 million followers on Twitter, two years later.


When BTS hit 10 million followers, they did something extra special. Along with the specially recorded video, every member uploaded a GIF of themselves with the hashtag #LoveBTS10M.


5. When Jungkook promised to become even sexier.

At BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert in Shizuoka, Jungkook told ARMY“I’ll be an even sexier Jungkook in the future”.

Well, then. Enough said!