BTS’s “Slytherin Jimin” Gets Sneaky To Help Jungkook

He’s always on his side.

Slytherins like Jimin can be rulebreakers, but this time he’s using his sneakiness for good!

Jimin (left) with coach Seung Min Ryu (right) | Seung Min Ryu’s official page (seungmin.ryu.58)/Facebook 

Today, Episode 138 of Run BTS! aired on JTBC2 ahead of its usual scheduled time. This ping pong special was full of funny, memorable moments, including Jungkook’s battle with a water bottle.

Jungkook (left) with coach Seung Min Ryu (right) | Seung Min Ryu’s official page (seungmin.ryu.58)/Facebook 

The ping pong coaches set up a water bottle in one corner to help Jungkook practice his aim and power. This was easier said than done. Try as he might, Jungkook failed to knock the bottle over until, suddenly…

| Run BTS!/JTBC2

…he didn’t?

| Run BTS!/JTBC2 

At first glance, it looks like he succeeded, but this was all Jimin’s doing. As Jungkook prepared to serve, Jimin skipped over to the other side of the table…

| Run BTS!/JTBC2 

…then knocked the bottle down!

| Run BTS!/JTBC2 

As everyone cheered (not fooled in the least), Jimin hugged Jungkook and congratulated him on his “victory.”

| Run BTS!/JTBC2 

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