BTS’s Jimin Was Ready To Fight Bratty Jungkook…Again

The Golden Maknae turned his sass on full blast.

The Golden Maknae has many hobbies (swimming, boxing, weight training, etc, etc…) but one of this favorite past times is mouthing off to his older members. Nobody knows this better than Jimin!


On May 29, BangtanTV released a new video from BTS’s Love Yourself in Hong Kong concert. Their friend, actor Park Bo Gum, showed up as a surprise guest backstage.


Park Bo Gum was in Hong Kong for his own fan event, so he decided to come to see BTS’s concert. When Jimin asked how he Park Bo Gum had come all the way to Hong Kong, Jungkook chimed in with his typical, bratty sass.


“By plane, of course,” he said.


Jimin walked up to Jungkook, looking like he was about to throw hands…


…but he let it slide. This time.


Find out more about Park Bo Gum’s surprise visit here.

Park Bo Gum Surprised BTS Backstage At Their Concert