Park Bo Gum Surprised BTS Backstage At Their Concert

The famous ARMY came out to see his friends.

Park Bo Gum unexpectedly showed up backstage at BTS’s concert, and they couldn’t have been more thrilled to see him.


Ever since Park Bo Gum teamed up with BTS for their Coca Cola commercials last year, he has become an honorary member of the group.


Park Bo Gum and BTS aren’t just colleagues though, they’re good friends who have supported each other’s endeavors. He and V are especially close, and Park Bo Gum recently credited V with giving him the courage to release his new single, “Bloomin”.


On May 29, BangtanTV released a video taken backstage at BTS’s Love Yourself in Hong Kong concert. BTS were told that a special guest awaited them, and when they saw who it was, their faces lit up!


Park Bo Gum’s ARMY pride was on full display. He wore a BT21 Cooky headband and Love Yourself shirt, and he carried an ARMY bomb lightstick, plus a banner. J-Hope asked V if he had been in on the surprise, but V had no idea that their friend would be dropping by either.


Park Bo Gum decided to swing by because he happened to be in Hong Kong for his own fan event.


To thank Park Bo Gum for coming to the show, Jin gave him a present that all fans would kill for: his own funky sunglasses! With him, Park Bo Gum transformed into “Bo Gum Man”, (a play on “Anpanman”).


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