Jimin Offered Jungkook a Hug During SNL’s Hug Fest, but a Crew Member Beat Jungkook to It

Jungkook hesitated and missed his chance to hug it out with Jimin.

BTS recently appeared on SNL where they performed their new song, “Boy with Luv” and “Mic Drop” live on the show and absolutely killed it.

Many probably thought that was the end of BTS’s performance, but they proved their fans wrong and entertained the viewers until the very end with their farewells.

Right after Emma Stone‘s final words, the cast and crew all hugged it out in an epic hug fest during the end credits.

BTS hugged and shook hands with the cast and crew of the show, and even hugged each other in a comical way.

But when Jimin opened his arms and offered Jungkook a hug, Jungkook hesitated thinking he had some time to decide.

Unfortunately, he was soon proven wrong because one of the crew members of SNL saw Jimin’s offer and asked, “Me?” as he approached Jimin in acceptance.

Jimin’s hug for Jungkook ended up going to someone else, but Jimin seemed more than happy to give the staff member a hug as well.

Jungkook looked surprised at first, but he then burst into contagious laughter that is sure to make anyone watching the clip laugh along with him.

Check out the hilarious clip below:


Source: Insight


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