BTS’s Jimin Knows Exactly What The “Big Camera Goddesses” Want

“So savvy of him!”

When BTS‘s Jimin debuted in 2013 and had his first encounters with fansites trying to snap good pictures of him, he referred to them as the “big camera goddesses”.


At the recent 34th Golden Disc Awards, Jimin once again spotted these big camera goddesses in the audience…


… and his reaction captured in their cameras have not only ARMYs but all K-Pop fans deeply touched! First he took the time posing for the cameras so they can grab quality shots like this:


Then he realized he’s blocking the cameras from J-Hope, so he moved over a bit.


Jimin also tells J-Hope there are fansites in the audience trying to get a good view of them!


Thanks to Jimin, it was double trouble for the fansites — with Jimin x J-Hope’s visuals in one frame!


ARMYs can’t get enough of Jimin’s big heart, always looking for ways to keep them satisfied!

Source: THEQOO