Here’s What BTS’s Jimin Was Like When He Was A Student

Jimin was quite an impressive student!

During an episode of Mnet‘s TMI News, they took a brief look at what BTS‘s Jimin was like as a student and found that he was quite the student.

They found that Jimin was an amazing dancer even when he was a student.

Not only was Jimin a great dancer, but he also excelled in his studies. Jimin even entered high school as the top student of his class!

In fact, Jimin was even the class president for 9 years!

Jimin is quite humble about this achievement, as he once clarified that he was the class president only a couple of times and that other times he was the vice president. Despite this, ARMYs were still impressed by this accomplishment.

However, Jimin didn’t achieve any of this easily, as he has admitted that he would spend all of his time practicing. Jimin was so dedicated to practicing that he would even sleep and rest in the practice room just so he could practice a bit more.

Here’s the full video below!