BTS’s Jimin Gave the Little Girl From SBS Gayo Daejeon a Whole Box of Gifts

Jimin sent her a huge box of gifts for her birthday.

The child actress, Koo Sa Rang recently posted a photo of herself behind a mountain of gifts and captioned it, “Thank you, Oppa.

The photo shows the gifts to be all sorts of BTS (BT21) merchandise of mainly school supplies.

It’s been revealed that the box of gifts was sent to her from Jimin for her birthday, which was on December 31.

Koo Sa Rang also took to her YouTube account titled, “Sarang Was Touched to Receive Gifts From Oppa“.

The revealed video shows Koo Sa Rang opening every single gift and expressing her gratitude and excitement for them.

Last year, Goo Sa Rang was on the opening stage for SBS Gayo Daejeon with BTS.

There, Jimin was spotted hugging and carrying the child actress, eliciting major “future father” vibes.

After that performance, Koo Sa Rang revealed through her Instagram, “The Oppas showered Sa Rang with so much love that they took photos together. V even gifted her with a book bag.

ARMYs who found out about this sweet exchange responded with comments such as “He’s such a caring person“, “He’s an angel without wings“, and “I’m so jealous of that baby“.

Source: Insight