BTS’s Jimin Is Giving Some Fans Nightmares, But They Don’t Mind…Much

Fans can’t decide if this is sweet or scary.

BTS fans love to see Jimin‘s extra side, and it doesn’t get much more extra than his latest videos. They’re cute…but also a little scary.


On February 13, Jimin tweeted out a short video cover of BTS’s “Magic Shop”, followed by one of his solo song, “Promise”. He sweetly sings a few lines from each song, while using what some fans call the “nightmare” filter.


This filter gives Jimin a ghostly-white appearance and makes his beautiful features look like they’re floating. As if that wasn’t spooky enough, near the end of each video, Jimin suddenly comes up close to the camera with his mouth open wide!


The videos have reminded some fans of ghosts and creepy porcelain dolls…


…but since it’s Jimin, they don’t mind facing their fears!


Are these adorable videos sweet…


…or scary? You be the judge!


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