BTS’s Jimin Makes Sure Fans Know That They Deserve All The Love In The World


Recently, BTS‘s Jimin took to Weverse to hang out with fans and even let them know that he would be holding a live broadcast soon. While commenting on fans’ posts, ARMYs couldn’t help but be touched by his heartwarming responses.

He made sure to let ARMYs know that they too deserve all the love in the world.

| Weverse

Fan: Please take care of yourself. You deserve all the love in the world.
Jimin: You know that what you just said is the same for you too, right?

He also made sure that they knew that his happiness was all because of them.

| Weverse

Fan: I have something to say to you Jimin. No matter what happens, always be happy ok? Borahae.
Jimin: Always. Because I have all of you.

Of course BTS is everything to ARMYs, but ARMYs are also everything to Jimin!

| Weverse

Jimin also reassured fans that he was doing well and that he was taking care of his health.

| Weverse

Fan: Oppa we will meet soon…we have too…So until then please stay strong. In order to stay strong you have to sleep well and take care of your body! Until ARMYs can meet again with you let’s always be happy and be careful to get sick!
Jimin: That’s why I am working out! Don’t worry!!


How can we not love Jimin after seeing these messages! Although he may be busy with schedules, he doesn’t forget to stop by and thank fans for their support!