BTS Jimin’s Message To The Participants Of I-LAND Will Warm Your Heart

Jimin is an angel.

Mnet‘s I-LAND just concluded, and the seven members of ENHYPEN were announced.

The members of BTS and TXT were present at the finale, and after the ENHYPEN members were announced, BTS’s Jimin gave a heartwarming message. Jimin not only congratulated the ENHYPEN members for their hard work, but he also gave an encouraging message to those that got eliminated.

Congrats. What I want to say is for those who debuted and those who didn’t, don’t forget this moment and you’ll do whatever you want to. Debut isn’t everything.

— Jimin

Jimin concluded his message by talking about how he believes that all the participants of the show will achieve their goals in the future.

Don’t forget today and you’ll do anything in the future. I hope to see the day that you perform along with ENHYPEN. Congrats.

— Jimin

Here’s the full video below!