BTS’s Jimin Transforms His Body In Only A Few Months And ARMYs Are Shook At His Results

He’s bulking up! 😍

BTS‘s Jimin recently showed off his latest body transformation and nobody was ready for his new muscular physique!

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Previously, during BTS’s 2021 “Muster Sowoozoo” online fanmeeting in June, Jimin rocked a sleeveless shirt and revealed his slender yet toned arms.


Ever since this day, Jimin became more vocal about his love for working out…

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…and by the time BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” online concert rolled around in October, it was clear he had gained a ton of muscle!

From the moment BTS came on stage, it was clear that Jimin’s hard work has been paying off.



His transformation shows he’s gained some healthy habits…

…and as a bonus, it’s eye candy for ARMYs!


Some fans are noting how Jimin seems to have gained his muscle back that he had during BTS’s debut era.

Fans can definitely get used to this view!

As long as Jimin is feeling confident and healthy, that’s all that truly matters to ARMYs. 💜