Here’s What BTS’s Jimin Has Planned For 2020, In Case You Need Some New Year’s Inspiration

“My goal for next year is to maintain…”

In their 2020 Season’s Greetings, BTS members took turns sharing what they have planned for the new year. And while most New Year’s resolutions carry hope for change…


Jimin‘s most insightful goal for 2020 has ARMYs deeply inspired. He shared, “It is great to challenge yourself to try new things, but it is equally great to keep what you have right now.”


He added, “My goal for next year is to maintain everything — all that I share with you, with the fans —  and protect it.”


And ARMYs know by “everything [he shares] with the fans”, he means that unbreakable bond. Over the years, Jimin matured into an unrivaled performer, ARMYs cheered him on. In return, Jimin has always expressed his gratitude for ARMYs’ never-ending love and support. It makes sense that Jimin wants to “protect” this precious relationship. ARMYs could only wish for the same!


So if you’re in need of some inspiration for your personal New Year’s resolution, try Jimin’s approach. Perhaps 2019 brought you joy — and in 2020, you could work to continue on that path!

Watch Jimin share his 2020 Resolution here: