Jimin’s Eye Contact Practice With Halsey Is Too Adorable For Words

They practiced this iconic moment at their dance practice.

BTS and Halsey have a beautiful friendship built on mutual respect, love for each other’s music, and, of course, inside jokes.


One of these jokes is eye contact between Jimin and Halsey. In the “Boy With Luv” MV, Halsey ended up looking at the camera instead of at Jimin because she was nervous about nailing the choreography.


Jimin couldn’t help teasing her about this…


…so now it’s become a running joke.


For example, during iHeartRadio Live, Halsey was determined to catch Jimin’s eye. She looked right at him during their part, and he burst out laughing!


A newly released behind the scenes video shows BTS and Halsey practicing for their performance at the 2019 BBMAs. During the eye contact part, Jimin teased Halsey…


…and she teased him right back.


In short, Jimin + Halsey = friendship goals!


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