Halsey Responds to Fans Asking Why She Couldn’t Look Jimin in the Eyes During “Boy with Luv”

Halsey confessed that she was nervous.

With the recent release of BTS‘s new MV, “Boy With Luv”, fans have been asking Halsey about her experience working with them, and she’s been giving honest answers through her official Twitter account.


In particular, one fan brought up a radio conversation claiming that Halsey couldn’t look at Jimin in the eyes and just kept looking at the camera instead.

This can be seen in the official MV as well, and it’s been said that Jimin kept encouraging Halsey to look at him by saying, “Halsey, look at me. I’m over here.

In response, Halsey herself said, “I was nervous!” which raised additional questions among the fans.

One, in particular, asked why she was nervous when they’re all friends, and Halsey responded to this as well with “I wasn’t nervous about that! I was nervous cause I’ve never done choreo in a video before!” She also complimented BTS by saying, “But they were so awesome haha they made me so comfy and gassed me up.

In addition to this truthful reveal, Halsey responded to another fan’s question asking her to share a funny thing that happened while filming the MV.

Halsey shared, “me and joon handshake is actually a lot longer and more complex than the clip in the MV. we will show you one day” and made many fans squeal at the fact that she called RM, whose real name is Namjoon, “Joon” which suggests how close they’ve become throughout their collaboration.

Check out BTS’s new MV, “Boy with Luv” featuring Halsey below:


Source: Dispatch