BTS’s Jimin Reveals His Top 3 Favorite Group Songs To Perform At Their Concerts

He also explained why they’re his favorites.

During his most recent live broadcast, BTS‘s Jimin took some time to communicate with ARMYs what they like to see at concerts. He was curious to find out which group songs are ARMY favorites — and when fans shared their choices, he eagerly discussed the performances!


When ARMYs asked Jimin to pick his personal favorite to perform, it took Jimin a bit of time to decide…

My favorites? My favorites are… Well, I love all the group songs…

— Jimin


… but he eventually ended up choosing three.

Let’s see, from the recent concert set list… I like ‘Dionysus’… I think I like ‘Dionysus’, ‘IDOL’, and ‘Mikrokosmos’ the most. I love all the songs, but [if I had to pick].

— Jimin


He picked “Dionysus” to be his favorite these days, because he found drive and motivation in the tension right before going on the stage to perform this song! He also pointed out that its choreography is awesome — which is 100% true!

When I’m getting ready to perform that song, it gets me really going… like ready for battle, so to speak. The members and I are behind the chairs getting ready to go on stage, and in that moment, I feel like I’m ready to charge. Like we’re about to take over…

— Jimin


For “IDOL”, Jimin claimed that it’s an all-around energetic song that puts him in a trance. He can’t hold back the thrill when he’s performing “IDOL”, so he loses himself in the music and the dance!

As for ‘IDOL’, that song is really fun to perform. Like… it is impossible to stay still listening to that song. You have to dance! It really gets me in the mood. I get really pumped up performing that song. So yeah, I love performing ‘IDOL’ too.

— Jimin


Last, but not least, Jimin boasted his love for “Mikrokosmos”. Often the last song on the set list to wrap up the concert, “Mikrokosmos” holds a special place in many ARMY hearts. Jimin shared that it’s the same for him; He fully appreciates the beauty of the song!

I love the lyrics to ‘Mikrokosmos’. I think our ending songs are usually really beautiful. ‘Mikrokosmos’ is a marvelous song. Like the words are beautiful and the melody is beautiful…

— Jimin


Watch one of Jimin’s favorite group performances below: