BTS’s Jimin Made An “Over-The-Top” Demand Of RM When He Hurt Himself… And He Actually Did it

RM went from savage to caring in a matter of seconds!

BTS‘s Jimin is known for his clumsy personality, as there have been many instances where he’s accidentally hurt himself.

In the latest BANGTAN BOMB, the members were unboxing and reviewing their new album BE. During the review, Jimin ended up hurting himself and made an adorable request to RM.


When they were opening up the album, Jimin ended up hitting his “funny bone” on his chair. Hitting this area usually results in an electric shock-like pain, and that’s exactly how Jimin described it.


As soon as Jimin stated that he felt a shocking pain, RM got playful and asked him if he was “Pikachu or something?“. However, Jimin was too focused on the pain and asked RM to blow on his elbow.


RM didn’t hesitate for a second with Jimin’s request and blew softly at Jimin’s elbow.


Here’s the full video below!