Jimin Is BTS’s New “God Of Destruction,” And RM Is Suffering His Wrath

He just can’t win.

RM has always been BTS‘s “God of Destruction,” but now Jimin is coming for his title!

RM | HYBE Labels/Youtube

Whether it’s props, stage sets, his members, or himself, RM’s has a talent for breaking everything he touches. His clumsy moments leave behind funny memories, such as Jungkook‘s ripped shirt. RM “accidentally” ripped it not once, but twice!

Speaking of clothes, RM might have worn something different to BTS’s comeback broadcast if he had Suga‘s ability to predict the future. During the live, BTS played “Butter” Jenga, performing challenges written on the yellow blocks. Each time a member failed a challenge, he received a written penalty.

When Jin failed RM for a not so “fresh” facial expression, Jimin nearly gave RM three penalties for his “massive fail.” The chosen penalty had already been done earlier, so Jimin yeeted it and searched for a new one.

After much ado, RM chose nail polish as his penalty, not realizing just how big of a punishment it would be! Jimin accidentally knocked the bottle over…

…and RM’s reaction says it all.

BTS’s longsuffering leader revealed that his outfit was brand new, worn for the broadcast.

His members quickly offered solutions, such as tissues and removing the polish with acetone, but RM had his own way of dealing with the problem…aka Jimin.

“Jimin, let’s talk it out later outside,” he said, teasing him. “You can’t be taking it out on me unprofessionally on a program, on a streaming show like this. If you have something you’re upset about, you have to talk about it really. Spreading butter all over me like this would be, well…”  

Jimin sweetly apologized, and the rest of BTS agreed that RM had received the ultimate penalty!