BTS’s Jimin And RM Have Totally Different Ways Of Dealing With Nerves

They don’t let it get the best of them.

Everyone feels nervous sometimes, even seasoned superstars like BTS!


After a year of on-tact concerns and COVID-19 restrictions, BTS was excited to perform at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs). Here they sang “My Universe” with Coldplay and their song “Butter.”

BTS practicing with Chris Martin.

As usual, BTS also made an appearance on the red carpet to take photos and answer interview questions.

BTS on the red carpet.

While J-Hope and were in one car practicing their responses, RM and Jimin were in another feeling, as the caption put it, “filled with jitters.”

J-Hope and V on their way to the red carpet.

How did RM deal with feeling nervous? “Let’s try to enjoy the awkwardness,” he said. “You can be at the top if you can even enjoy this feeling.” Wise words spoken by a wise man!


Jimin, on the other hand, handled his nerves by staying humble — and playful. “We’re not celebrities, RM,” he joked. “We’re just Kim Namjoon and Park Jimin…We’re far from celebrities. About 420km far?”

Even though BTS still gets nervous, they’ve come a long way from their first AMAs in 2017. Back then, they were almost too nervous to get out of their car!

Well, you know what they say; practice makes perfect!

RM and Jimin

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