BTS’s Jimin Was Ready To “Throw Hands” When RM Wouldn’t Share His Knowledge

Jimin didn’t end up needing RM’s help!

In episode 144 of Run BTS!, Jimin was ready to “throw hands” when RM wouldn’t share his knowledge!

BTS’s RM (Left) & Jimin (Right)

The members were tasked with guessing where ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) ranked “Fire” for “best BTS song for summer.”

Jin decided to ask RM for help, as RM was guessing many answers correctly at that point. RM, however, “blocked” Jin and didn’t share his answer!

Jimin was the next member to ask RM for help, but RM told Jimin that what he wrote was a “secret.”

Jimin then adorably “tattled” on RM to the members!


The members laughed, and Suga said that there’s always a person like RM in classes.


The members then began sharing what they wrote down, including RM.


The correct answer was 4th place, and Jin and Jimin were the only members who wrote this down!


It looks like Jin and Jimin didn’t need RM’s help after all!

Source: Run BTS!


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