BTS’s RM Still Remembers Jimin’s Cutest Moment To This Day

Only old school ARMYs remember this!

During a live broadcast, BTS‘s RM and Jimin once took a trip down memory lane!

Bringing up the term “Yellow Card,” Jimin unexpectedly brought back a moment that RM will never forget.

RM reenacted the adorable scene that only dedicated ARMYs will remember.

It all started when BTS was anonymously revealing their stories on Bangtan Kkul FM.

One mysterious person discussed how J-Hope‘s rough playing with him was a lot to handle…

…and it clearly sounded like something Jimin would say!

Who is that? Someone who’s 173 cm. There’s a guy in a bright shirt next to me.

— J-Hope

When J-Hope called him “Yellow Card,” Jimin did the legendary pose, using himself as a warning to J-Hope for his roughhousing!

In that moment, every ARMY and BTS member fell for Jimin’s cuteness!

RM was so endeared by him, he couldn’t stop laughing and even imitated him. This infamous moment has gone down in history as RM’s favorite cute moment of Jimin!

So cute! *LOL*

— RM

But is anyone surprised? When this duo is together, everything they do is too cute!

Watch the full video below.


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