BTS’s Jimin Continues To Be The ‘Rookie’s Bible’ As More Junior Idols Choose Him As Their Role Model

The ‘idol of idols’.

With each passing year, more and more junior idol members are choosing BTS’s Jimin as their role model.

Jimin, who has been dubbed the ‘Rookie’s Bible’ by global fans, is known for his unique vocals and charismatic stage performances. His ability to perform effortlessly with such emotion and precision is something all junior idols dream of doing.

Recently, Newkidd’s Woochul stated during an interview, “I’ve replayed Jimin sunbaenim’s ‘Filter’ performance hundreds of times,” proving just how legendary it was.

Jimin’s “Filter” was performed for the first time last October during their online concert and received an overwhelming amount of attention online for his charismatic vocals and breathtaking performance. Woochul has posted cover videos of “Lie” and “Serendipity” on his YouTube channel as well.

Even BTS’s labelmate group TXT’s Hueningkai revealed that he gained inspiration from Jimin. “We received inspiration from Jimin’s ‘Filter’ for our third mini-album title track.” Beomgyu added, “After seeing Jimin dancing as if his bones would break gave me a whole new mindset for when performing on stage.”

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Most recently, ENHYPEN’s Jay stated through a Weverse interview that, “I want to dance as if it’s a piece of cake even when I’m using every last drop of my energy that I could collapse. Because of that, I made Jimin from BTS my role model for when I’m doing K-Pop choreography.”

ENHYPEN’s youngest member Ni-Ki also gained attention recently for posting a dance cover of Jimin’s “Lie” on YouTube.

When asked who his role model was, Jimin revealed, “I don’t think I have one. If I continue to work hard and become my own role model, that would be the best. But after meeting ARMY, I’ve chosen ARMY as my role model and hero.”

Source: starnews