BTS’s Jimin “Scolds” RM And V For Teasing ARMY

They just couldn’t help it.

BTS‘s comeback is coming soon, and the members are excited to share it with fans!


On July 9, BTS will release a CD single album for “Butter” that features “Butter,” the “Butter” instrumental, their new song “Permission to Dance,” and the “Permission to Dance” instrumental.


Recently, BTS held a live broadcast to celebrate five weeks of “Butter” topping the Billboard “Hot 100” Chart. It has now held onto the spot for six weeks, becoming the longest-running No.1 debut recorded by a single group.

In addition to talking about their chart-topping single, BTS raved about their Butter CD. “Have you seen it yet?” RM asked, looking into the camera. “Not yet. I’m sorry.”  RM has a history of dropping spoilers, but he has been tight-lipped about the upcoming release.

“Why are you teasing ARMY?” Jimin asked, playfully scolding their leader. RM apologized, but he still couldn’t resist raving about how beautiful the album looks on his display shelf.

jumped aboard the hype train to get ARMY excited about what they would find inside the album cover. In response, Jimin shoved V and RM told him not to get fans’ hopes up. ARMY’s expectations are sky-high, but that’s because BTS always delivers!

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