BTS’s Jimin Is 100% A Sexy Beast… Well, Except When He Dresses Like This

In outfits like this, he’s a total cutie patootie.

At their latest Magic Shop event held December 14, 2019, BTS spent some quality time with ARMYs in Osaka, Japan.


As the fan meeting came to an end, Jimin graced the stage…


… in one of the cutest outfits ARMYs have seen thus far…


… in these denim overalls, paired with a newsboy cap.


Jimin looked like he turned back time…


… and ARMYs couldn’t help but drop all their UWUs at this boy-Jimin.


ARMYs are especially shook by this visual, because earlier that very night, he looked like a different person, as he boasted his mega-sexy side in his velvety blazer:


So this squishy-mochi type of Jimin must come from the other extreme end of his amazing duality!


In addition, ARMYs — who have come to realize where they have seen this outfit before — are now calling Jimin “Nello”, from an old Korean animation called A Dog of Flanders, based on a novel of the same title. Here’s what Nello looks like:

Nello is the boy on the right.


Isn’t the resemblance uncanny?