Jimin’s “Short” Height Turned His Photoshoot Into A Workout

Jimin’s height worked against him at BTS’s FESTA shoot.

Got short people problems? BTS‘s Jimin can relate!


At approximately 5’8″, Jimin isn’t tiny, but he is one of the shortest members of BTS. For photoshoots, this can be a little problematic!


On November 1, BangtanTV dropped a new “Bangtan Bomb” from BTS’s FESTA photoshoot. In it, Jimin struggles with his height while shooting with V. At approximately 5’10”, V is only a couple of inches taller than Jimin, but his shoes added extra height.


Jimin was definitely feeling his shortness…


…and so were his calves. All that tip-toeing left them burning!


V, on the other hand, was totally comfortable. Go figure!


Check out the whole behind the scenes video with subtitles here: