Actress So Yoo Jin Responds To BTS’s Jimin Not Recognizing Her On “Run BTS!”

BTS is quite close with So Yoo Jin’s husband, Baek Jong Won.

In episode 140 of Run BTS!, BTS played a game called “Figure Quiz,” where they had to quickly name the celebrities shown to them. One member who had a tough time with this game was Jimin! Despite knowing the celebrities shown to him, Jimin often wasn’t able to say their names!

One celebrity that Jimin got was actress So Yoo Jin.

So Yoo Jin is the wife of chef Baek Jong Won. BTS has quite a close bond with Baek Jong Won as he guested in Run BTS! in the past, and he had a great time with the members!

So Yoo Jin & Baek Jong Won

When Jimin wasn’t able to say So Yoo Jin’s name, he got teased by his fellow members! Jimin then defended himself, saying that he watched some So Yoo Jin videos in the morning!

After getting hilariously teased by his members, Jimin adorably “apologized.”

So Yoo Jin ended up seeing this clip of Jimin not recognizing her, and she heartwarmingly responded to him!

So Yoo Jin

On her Instagram story, So Yoo Jin told Jimin that it was okay that he didn’t recognize her and that she knows BTS well!

It’s okay. ~~!!!
You don’t need to know me ~~ ㅎㅎ
I know you ♡
#BangtanTheBest #JiminJJang !! ^^

— So Yoo Jin